The Finance Indicator

Analytical Tools Selected

The Atlas of Economic Complexity – The Atlas of Economic Complexity provides data about global trade dynamics over time. Want to know the quantity of textiles China exported to South Korea? Easy.
The Atlas of Economic Complexity – Rankings – Country Complexity Rankings (ECI)
The Atlas of Economic Complexity – Growth Projections – India Slowing, China Resilient in Harvard’s New Global Growth Projections. Researchers at Harvard’s Growth Lab Find Knowhow Explains Differences in Global Growth.​
Forbes Billionaires – Mapping the world’s richest.
Gapminder – fights devastating misconceptions about global development.
Uppsala Conflict Data Program – The Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) provides data on organized crime and civil war around the world.
Arbejdsmarkedsbalancen – The labor market balance give an overview of job opportunities in 900 different job in all regions in Denmark.